Upper  Feather  River  Watershed  Group
  PO Box 975  Loyalton, Ca  96118
    Plumas and Sierra Counties
UFRWG  Agriculture Stakeholders Advancing water stewardship
 The historic dairy barn on the Meyers Ranch
served as a perfect venue for the Tri-Tip BBQ
and annual UFRWG Membership Meeting.

Tour host Chris Meyers demonstrates the installation
of mainline pipe which will increase water use
efficiency on his irrigated pasture.

Indian Valley Ranch Field Day
October 22, 2010

    Meyers Ranch Tour and BBQ

    sponsored by:
         Chris & Christine Meyers & Family
    Upper Feather River Watershed Group

    Among the topics discussed:
    Improved Water Use Efficiency using underground mainlines
    Water Quality BMP options for grazing operations
    Water Quality & Conservation Projects by local ranchers
    Diversion Reporting Requirements by DWR
                             2010 Annual UFRWG Membership Meeting
                                               October 22, 2010

Call to Order
A. Approval of Agenda
B. Approval of Minutes
C. Chairman’s Report
D. Financial Report
E. Executive Director’s Report
1. 2010 Monitoring Results and ILRP year review
2. Water Stewardship Awards             
G. Discussion Action Items
1. Election of Directors & Officers
2. Approval of 2011 Budget & Fees
3. Support Letter policy & draft letter to local conservation agencies to
    encourage support of regulatory compliance by funded project recipients
H. Discussion Items        
1. Guests:  
   * Lesa Osterholm,
     8 yr manager Nevada County RCD and DOC WC Grant Writer
     Working Landscapes: Environmental Benefits of Grazing             
     Advocate for low-threat Tier 1 ILRP program
   * Goose Lake Coalition Representative
     Success & hurdles of Independent coalition structure  
2. Long Term ILRP - Tier 1 & Groundwater components
3. Management Plans for WQ Exceedances
I.  Items from Floor –
1.  FR-CRM Q&A re Plug&Pond restoration projects
2.  Open