Proposition 50 Agricultural Water Quality Grant Program

     Upper Feather River Watershed Irrigation Discharge Management Program
                                             Agreement No:  04-317-555-0

           The Prop 50 Grant was a three year study lead by Plumas-Sierra University of
    California Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Advisor  Holly George who worked with
    UC Davis Specialists and Upper Feather River Watershed Group landowners to learn
    more about the impacts of local irrigated agriculture in the upper Feather River watershed

           The overall objective was to interact with local agricultural landowners and support
    work activities within the UFRW which are responsive to agricultural discharge waiver
    programs and address water quality issues associated with discharge from irrigated lands
    in this area.

           The three year program consisted of Phase I and Phase II Monitoring Studies as well
    as Special Study Projects which were completed with the assistance of UC Davis

    Phase I and Phase II Monitoring
    Holly George, Plumas-Sierra UCCE Resource Advisor
    Ken Tate, Rangeland Watershed Specialist
    Prop 50 Assistants
    SVRCD Watershed Coordinator
    UFRWGroup Landowners

    Macro-Invertibrate Study
    Holly George, Plumas-Sierra S UCCE Resource Advisor
    David Lyle, Lassen UCCE Resource Advisor
    Dennis Hiemen, Redding RWQCB
    Prop 50 Assistants

    DO & pH Special Study Project
    Holly George, Plumas-Sierra UCCE Resource Advisor
    Ken Tate Rangeland Watershed Specialist
    Dr Sanger  Soil Specialist
    Prop 50 Assistants
    UFRWGroup Landowners

    Forage Quality Study
    Holly George
    Ken Tate
    David Lyle
    Dr Sanger
    UC Davis grad students
    Prop 50 Assistants
    UFRWGroup Landowners

    Pathogen Study
    Bruce Hoar
    UC Davis grad students
    Prop 50 Field Staff
    UFRWGroup Landowners

              For more information on these UFRW Prop 50 Projects:
Valley              Map
Prop 50 UCCE Irrigation Discharge Management Program
                      2006, 2007, 2008
Indian Creek - July 10, 2007
Spanish Creek - February 9, 2007
Goodrich Creek 2007
Calculating Flow Measurements on Indian Creek
Upper Feather River Watershed Group
           PO Box 975     Loyalton, Ca  9611
                 Plumas and Sierra Counties
UFRWG  Agriculture Stakeholders Advancing water stewardship
              Prop 50 Phase II - Working with Volunteer
Prop 50 funded Phase II enabled interested landowners to participate in on-ranch
monitoring to take a closer look at individual water quality objectives and to provide
an additional tool to the landowner and ranch managers for management planning to
help with their individual farm water quality evaluations.
The 2007 and 2008 monitoring seasons followed the progress of water quality
management practices on these volunteer landowner systems.
Upper Feather River Watershed landowners interested in developing a special study
project on their Farm or Ranch can contact:
                                      UCCE at 530-283-6270
                                      UFRWGroup at
                                      NRCS at 530-283-1175

Currently a
Rotational Grazing and Irrigation Management Study is being
conducted by  a volunteer landowner in Sierra Valley and his agency partners to
follow-up his study project initiated under Prop 50 Phase II.  The information obtained
remains with the landowner for his benefit for further Ranch Planning.