Upper  Feather  River  Watershed  Group
           PO Box 975  Loyalton, Ca  96118
                Plumas and Sierra Countie

                                             Upper Feather River Watershed Clean Water Team Cooperator Awards

    2010 Clean Water Team Cooperators

    Indian Valley Members
    Chris & Christine Meyers
    Tom Bengard Ranches
Long Valley Members
    Dan Panfili

    Mohawk Valley Members
    Jeff Engel

    Sierra Valley Members
    John Genasci

     2009 Clean Water Team Cooperators

     Indian Valley Members
     Brian & Heather Kingdon, Horse V Ranch
     Gary Brown

    2008 Clean Water Team Cooperators

    Sierra Valley Members               
    Allan Abrams, Rice Hill Ranch        
    Bar One Cattle, Anthony Gonzales Mgr
    Jeff Carmichael Ranch
    Carl Genasci
    Claire Filippini Ranch
    Bill Copren
    Carol Dobbas
    Tony Maddalena Ranch
    Lacey Maddalena
    Kent Pascoe
    Greg Ramelli
    Roberti Ranch
    Paul Roen, E. Roen Ranches
    Russell Turner Ranch
    Lewis Van Vleck, VV Bar Ranch

    American Valley Members
    Russell Reid, Reid Land & Cattle
    Bengard Ranches

    Goodrich Creek, Lassen County
    Beatty & Associates
    Agency Partners
    Dan Martynn, NRCS
    Gia Martynn, FR-CRM
    Paul Hardy, FRLT
    Gary Romano, SVRCD  
UFRW Irrigated Lands Stakeholder Mtg
Russell Reid, UFRWG Chairman
UFRW Irrigated Lands Stakeholder Meeting presentation

             Water Quality Conservation & Stewardship Awards Programs
        Two stewardship award programs were initiated in 2008 to recognize Upper
    Feather River Watershed landowners for their water quality efforts through
    cooperation and participation in the Prop 50 Studies conducted within the
    watershed during the three year Prop 50 Irrigated Lands Project.  Area ranchers
    and farmers were also recognized for the successful implementation of
    water quality related farm/ranch management practices.

                                 ***  Clean Water Team Cooperators
                             ***  Silver Shovel Awards
Plumas-Sierra UCCE Resource Advisor Holly George thanks landowners and ranch
operators for their cooperation with the Upper Feather River Irrigated Lands Study
Projects and presents the initial Clean Water Team Cooperator Awards for 2008.

Each year at the annual Membership Meeting, UFRWG members are recognized for
their water quality and water conservation success through implementation of
on-the-ground projects and other efforts to advance water quality awareness in our

                     Silver Shovel Award
The Silver Shovel Award recognizes landowners and  community partners  
who work for the advancement of agriculture water quality through local  
educational and awareness programs, or participation in Special Project  
Studies that promote water quality and conservation efforts.

2010 Recipient:
UFRWG Partner
Brian Morris, Plumas County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

2009 Recipient:
UFRWG Partner
Dan Martynn, NRCS

2008 Recipients:
UFRWG Landowners                                  UFRWG Partners
Lewis Van Vleck                            Holly George, Plumas-Sierra UCCE Advisor
Jeff Carmichael
                Ken Tate, UC Davis Rangeland Watershed Specialist
Tony Maddalena
                               Cindy Noble, Prop 50 Project Assistant
Lacey Maddalena
Bill Copren
Allan Abrams
UFRWG Annual Membership Meeting
UFRWG   Agriculture Stakeholders Advancing water stewardship