Who We Are

The Upper Feather River Watershed Group is a nonprofit agriculture based group
formed to address state water quality goals related to irrigated agricultural lands.  The group
organized in 2004 and is led by volunteers in outreach efforts to organize, educate and
direct individual landowners as they strive to meet state and regional water quality goals set
by the Porter-Cologne Clean Water Act.

Upper Feather River Watershed Group was formed to organize irrigated
landowners and operators and promote educational outreach on topics related to
agricultural discharges and rural water quality.  Our goal is to distribute and promote
effective management practices (BMPs) to maintain the high water quality of the upper
feather river region.

The Upper Feather River Watershed Group (
UFRWG) is one of twelve subcoalitions of the
Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition (SVWQC)
 www.svwqc.org .  SVWQC represents
agriculture water users within the Central Valley Region of California under the Irrigated
Lands Program.  Monitoring Plans and Reports are developed and compiled by SVWQC for
13 subcoalitions and presented to the Regional Water Quality Control Board   
www.waterboards.ca.gov/centralvalley/ .

Members are key to the success of the coalition.  
Achievement of our coalition goal, to maintain the high water quality in the Upper Feather
River watershed region, depends on the efforts of individual members and landowners.  
Good resource stewardship and implementation of  sound management practices to
maintain high water quality requires the efforts of every landowner and operator.   With
combined resource efforts we can be proud of the water that is delivered to the downstream
users of this valuable resource.

Monitoring Activities
Monitoring activities began in 2005 to determine the potential impacts of local irrigated
agricultural operations on water quality in the upper feather river watershed region.  

Ambient stream monitoring is conducted at numerous sites bracketing agriculture in Sierra
Valley, American Valley and Indian Valley.  Monitoring teams collect grab samples and
record field data once a month during the irrigation season ( May - October).  In addition to
the six monthly sample collections, two storm event collections are made each year in early
spring and early winter.

The samples are analyzed in state approved Environmental Labs for a variety of
constituents. Lab results are compiled in a Monitoring Report by the
Sacramento Valley
Water Quality Coalition and sent to state and regional water quality control boards.

Annual monitoring results are shared with stakeholders and interested members of the local
community at
annual outreach meetings.  UCCE Resource Specialists and the local
monitoring team present the seasonal data and assist landowners in evaluating the impacts,  
if any, of their irrigated agricultural operations in the upper feather river watershed.  

Monitoring Team
Seasonal monitoring of local creeks
& streams receiving irrigation discharges
Field Visits
UCCE and UC Davis Rangeland
Watershed Specialists  water quality
strategies with landowners
Ken Tate UCDavis & Holly George UCCE train monitoring teams
Upper Feather River Watershed Group
PO Box 975    Loyalton, Ca  96118
Plumas and Sierra Counties
                         Coalition Activities
  • Irrigation and Storm Season Monitoring of Creeks and Streams
  • Regular Membership Meetings
  • Year End Stakeholder Meeting to Review Seasonal Monitoring Result
  • Annual Ranch Tour featuring member BMPs
  • Distribute Educational and Outreach Materials on Agriculture and Water Quality
  • Funding Partnerships identified for Water Quality Implementation Projects
  • Group Option for Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) Compliance
Annual Membership Meetings
Ranch Field Days and Ag Workshops
Water Quality & Conservation
 Projects are featured

Brian Kingdon,  Indian Valley Director

Russell Reid,  UFRWG Chairman     American Valley Director

Paul Roen, Vice Chairman    Sierra Valley Director

Lewis Van Vleck,  Sierra Valley Director

Mia Van Fleet,  Secretary-Treasurer    Indian  Valley Director

Vacant,  Sierra Valley Director

Vacant, At Large  Director

Carol Dobbas,  Executive Director  Sierra Valley
UFRWG  Agriculture Stakeholders Advancing Water Stewardship
Meet  the UFRWG Board of Directors